First, we would like to thank you for visiting: "A Lovers Question "Everyone is welcome here. All questions are not only welcome, but they are answered as well. With heart! We know that sometimes in love, there are questions. Answers are needed! That's the time when you have to decide were to get your answer. You have to be very careful where and who you talk to...for your answers. Do you want to share these questions with someone, that may look at you in a different way? Someone that may judge you..or even share your questions with another. A Lovers Question will never disclose your questions, or the answers we give to anyone but you! Being in love is not always easy. We know that it takes work. To always about Give and Take. But there will come a time when you`ll need to take ( when you dont want to)..a time when you`ll need to give ( when you dont want to give). A Lovers Question will help you with and when that time comes. Read on!! However...we are still under please bare with us as we make the necessary changes. We thank you for your cooperation.

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